House Mix - 30 Capsules (Organic Coffee) Test Feel Good Coffee now

Try our 3 types of coffee
Good Morning, Perfect Time & Feel Good
in our PROMOBOX.
Capsule type CAP-T
100% industrial compostable
Nespresso®* system-compatible
Top quality organic coffee
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Sensory profile

Feel Good:

Light fruit at the beginning accompanied by subtle roasted aromas; develops into a well-balanced espresso with a fine tart note, light spiciness and persistent nutty flavour.

Perfect Time:

Perfect Time owes its strong body to its high-quality Robusta India Cherry. Roast and nut aromas are constant companions directly after the entrance.

Good Morning:

The aroma is intense and pleasant, with hints of dried fruit, citrus and flowers, which contrast with the basic aroma of freshly baked chocolate biscuits. The aromas are perfectly balanced. The body is round and velvety; as an espresso it is also slightly spicy. The aftertaste is pleasant and persistent, with a fruity and floral sensation that blends with the aroma of toasted bread.

Product characteristics / Origin

Feel Good consists of 100% Arabica. This blend is composed of 5 varieties of the finest quality from the best plantations on three continents. From the highlands of Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Sumatra we only choose certified organic coffees.

Perfect Time consists of 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta. This blend is composed of 3 varieties of the finest quality from the best plantations of Central America and India. From the highlands of Honduras and Guatemala and from India, we have selected only certified organic coffees.

Good Morning consists of 100% Arabica. This blend is composed of 7 varieties of the finest quality from the best plantations on this planet. From the highlands of Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, India and Ethiopia, we have selected only certified organic coffees. Due to the varied composition and yet separate roasting of these products, you will receive a coffee of the highest quality. This blend turns out to be extremely well balanced, perfectly balanced, soft and round.



Feel Good & Good Morning:Medium/dark

Perfect Time:Dark

Gentle long-term roasting through traditional drum roasting process.


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Recommended consumption
Ristretto / Espresso / Lungo / Macchiato / Cappuccino / Milkcoffee
Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra, India, Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil
Arabica & Robusta
At least durable
16 months