Sugar sticks - White sugar 1000 x 4g

White sugar
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If you provide a coffee cover, make sure that the sugar is not missing. The Coffee Sugar Sticks in the 4g package are particularly practical. Filled with the best fine sugar, the Coffee Sugar Sticks are ideal for placing next to the cup and in a presentation box.


Sugar bowl versus sugar sticks

Sugar cans, which are usually in continuous use, usually do not offer a nice sight if many guests have already taken sugar from this can before. Impurities and sticky sugar pieces are pre-programmed.


With the attractively wrapped sugar sticks, on the other hand, you always have hygienically perfect sugar in your range. Dry and clean, the sugar sticks can be used individually.


The perfect amount

Coffee Sugar Sticks with a 4g filling are precisely matched to a cup of coffee. With the practical sugar sticks you can sweeten your coffee in the right amount. Fine sugar is the clear winner over sugar cubes, because the quick solubility and hygienic packaging are clearly superior to sugar cubes. The sugar bags are also a very decorative accessory.


One sugar stick contains 3.7g of sugar

For bulk buyers Coffeefair offers the 1000 x 4g bulk pack. Coffee Sugar Sticks are also a great relief when using canteen machines. Because if several hundred people need sugar every day, the bulk pack of Coffefair Sugar Sticks is just right. Espresso is too bitter for many coffee drinkers, and here too, Coffee & Tea Sugar Sticks are the ideal accompaniment to sweeten a little coffee kick in the form of espresso.